AGI Open Paris

Monday – Thursday
18 – 22.09.2017

What is AGI?

AGI Alliance Graphique Internationale brings together the prominent graphic designers of the world. Founded in 1951 by two Swiss and three French graphic designers, and the following year, they incorporized the group with 65 European members. AGI’s mission is to promote graphic design by means of talks, publications and educational activities.

Currently AGI has a membership of 493 professionals from 39 countries. The most influential personalities in the history of graphic design were or are on the list: A.M. Cassandre, F.H.K. Henrion, Josef Müller-Brockmann, Armin Hofmann, Paul Rand, Saul Bass, Massimo Vignelli, Wim Crouwel, to name a few – but also outstanding contemporary practitioners. Currently, the group is continuing to expand in diversity both in terms of medium, ethnicity, practice and education.

Nominated new members to AGI undergo a strict selection process in which they must show evidence of being “an influential and outstanding person both within and outside of his or her country,” – besides the excellence of their design work.

What is AGI Open?

Each year members convene in a differing city at the AGI Congress. Here, members meet in a spirit of friendship, curious to hear of each other’s activities, keen to debate the profession and learn more of their host city. In keeping with AGI’s stated aims the student-focused AGI Open design conference runs concurrently with Congress. Central to the success of the Open is that AGI members freely participate in talks and events that extend knowledge and encourage generations of designers to come. 

Not for Profit

The AGI Open is a not-for-profit event. All members pay for their expenses and receive no fee for their participation. The funds raised are used exclusively to ensure that the congress takes place.

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