AGI Open Paris

Monday – Thursday
18 – 22.09.2017

Antoine Audiau + Charles Firmin-Didot


Charles Firmin-Didot didn't spent much time with his family's printing house, as his father, the last generation of Didot printers, died in a plane crash when he was a only week old. His typographic and printing experience was self made, looking at many  books printed between the 12th century and today, and publishing first books of artists, one of which was designed by Antoine+Manuel.  Aside types, papers, and printing, he is a talent spotter with an application to finance, a beekeeper and a gardener.
Antoine Audiau is working since 1993 in Paris as a graphic duo —Antoine+Manuel. They mainly work in the fields of Culture and Fashion combining their different skills to create images, typographies, video animations, objects, installations and books.


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