AGI Open Paris

Monday – Thursday
18 – 22.09.2017

Francis Soler



Francis Soler graduated from the école d’architecture de Paris-Villemin in 1976. He has been a member of the Ordre des Architectes de France since 1976. He has built about twenty buildings, but it is undoubtedly the Centre de Conférences Internationales de Paris which made him famous and opened the door onto projects walking the narrow line between architecture and art. In 1990, he was awarded the Grand Prix National d’Architecture and was named a Commander of the Ordres des Arts et des Lettres in 2005 after building the headquarter of the Ministry of Culture – the Bons Enfants building. Two years later he was named Knight of the Ordre National de la Legion d’Honneur. In 2010, along with architects Claude Vasconi, Rudy Ricciotti and Julien Rousseau, he was commissioned by the Ministry of Environment to co-write the “Claude Vasconi Report” which suggests a new way to integrate questions of sustainable development into the training of architects, city planners, sociologists, engineers and jurists. In the beginning of 2016, he delivered a major project: EDF Lab Paris-Saclay, EDF’s new center for research and development located on the plateau de Saclay.


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